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The Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) at the University of Oregon offers students and faculty a close-knit community in which to learn, discover, and innovate, in a shared quest for computational solutions to a spectrum of challenging problems.

CIS faculty are international leaders in their fields, including informatics, networking, security, software engineering, assistive technologies, theory, scientific visualization, and high performance computing. Recent interdisciplinary research initiatives with biologists, physicists, neuroscientists, and networking engineers have resulted in prominent research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the National Institutes of Health. ...»

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  • CIS Associate Professor Rejaie Featured in UO CASCADE Magazine

    link to News/20150402-Rejaie.php
    The Winter 2015 edition of UO CASCADE Magazine featured an article on Associate Professor Reza Rejaie's research on mapping internet connections around the world. Here is a sample of the article: Averting Internet Disaster Mapping "Carrier Hotels" to Predict Descriptions and Potential Fixes A classic art deco building in Manhattan—60 Hudson ...»
  • CIS graduate student among nation's elite collegiate runners

    link to News/20150601-Geoghegan.php
    In running, said Will Geoghegan, you don’t always realize just how much you’re improving. “It’s really funny,” Geoghegan said in a phone interview from Eugene, Oregon. “I remember when I was a freshman in high school thinking that running under 10 (minutes) in the 2-mile seemed impossible. “I don’t know if I ever envisioned where I ...»
  • Dr. Michel A. Kinsy Joins the CIS Department

    link to News/20141215-Kinsy.php
    Dr. Michel A. Kinsy joined the Computer and Information Science Department in August, 2014. Michel received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2013. His doctoral work is one of the first to develop algorithms and computer hardware techniques to emulate and control ...»

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  • Dr. Joe Sventek Joins CIS as New Head of Department

    link to Profiles/20141215-Sventek.php
    "The Internet was still a research project when Joe Sventek realized that moving electrons through circuit boards might be more interesting than splitting atoms." "Although the revelation came halfway through a doctoral program in nuclear physics, Sventek decided to reboot his academic plan and embrace what was then the new field of computer science. He never looked back." "Now, after more than 30 years of investigating how to make computer networks faster and smarter, Sventek is the new head of the Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of Oregon. He moved into his ...»

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Graduation Ceremony: CIS Departmental Ceremony RSVP

Monday June 15, 2015