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Public Talks

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All of these talks are open to the public, and will provide some insight into various research activities here and at other institutions.

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March 2015
Colloquium12Mining Behavioral Data: Inference Threats and Privacy Countermeasures
Stratis Ioannidis, Research Scientist, Yahoo Labs
Colloquium10Computational Complexity of Counting Edge Colorings
Tyson Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Colloquium06Performance Analysis for the Exascale Era: Going Beyond Just Measuring Flop/s and Cache Misses
Martin Schulz, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Colloquium05Statistical and Learning Algorithms for the Design, Analysis, Measurement, and Modelling of Networking and Security Systems
Muhammad Shahzad, Michigan State University
Colloquium04Provable Safety for High-Consequence Systems
Geoff Hulette, Sandia National Labs
Colloquium03People-centric Natural Language Processing
David Bamman, Carnegie Mellon University
February 2015
Colloquium26The Power and Limits of Quantum Computers
Xiaodi Wu, Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Colloquium24The Heavy Hitter Problem in the Turnstile Streaming Model
Yi Li, Harvard University
Directed Research Project23Examining the Automated Inference of Tweet Topics
Saed Rezayi
Colloquium19Jellyfish: Networking Data Centers, Randomly
Ankit Singla, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Colloquium17Linear-time Algorithms in Natural Language Understanding and Learning
Liang Huang, Assistant Professor, City University of New York (CUNY)
Colloquium02Opportunities for scholarships, employments, internships, and graduate studies at ADSC, the Illinois Research Center, and other institutions in Singapore
Asghar Mirarefi, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
January 2015
Colloquium29Overview of UO Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP)
Nathan Lillegard, University of Oregon
Colloquium22Analysis of Social Effects to Human Behavior Modeling in Health Social Network
Hai Phan, Research Associate, University of Oregon
Colloquium15From research support to uncertainty: visualization at the U of O
Kristi Potter, University of Oregon
Colloquium08Exascale Computing, Flow Visualization, and Data Exploration: A Strategy for Achieving All Three
Hank Childs, University of Oregon
December 2014
Directed Research Project12Ray Tracing Within A Data Parallel Framework
Matthew Larsen
Directed Research Project12Chain based RNN for Supervised Relation Extraction
Javid Ebrahimi
Colloquium04High-specificity Methods For Profiling Microbial Communities and the Human Microbiome
Dr. Curtis Huttenhower, Harvard University
Directed Research Project02Evaluating the Efficacy of Wavelet Compression for Turbulent-Flow Data
Samuel Li
November 2014
Directed Research Project21BGPInspector: A Real-time Extensible Border Gateway Protocol Monitoring Framework
Mingwei Zhang
Colloquium13Simplifying OpenCL Programming with Actors in the Ensemble Programming Language
Paul Harvey, University of Glasgow
Colloquium06Adversarial Machine Learning in Relational Domains
Assistant Daniel Lowd, University of Oregon
October 2014
Colloquium30Adaptive and Polymorphic Computer Architectures
Assistant Professor Michel A. Kinsy, University of Oregon
Colloquium23Rethinking Productivity and Performance for the Exascale Era
Professor Allen D. Malony, University of Oregon
Oral Comprehensive Exam17Tractability of Learning and Inference in Probabilistic Models
Pedram Rooshenas, Ph.D. student
Colloquium16Recognition, Retrieval and Content Analysis for Massive Speech Data
Associate Professor Ji Wu, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China
Colloquium13Friends of Dr. Andrzej Proskurowski
Art Farley, University of Oregon
Jirka Fiala, Charles University in Prague
Jan Kratochvil, Charles University in Prague
Gary Bricher, Lane Community College
Colloquium10Extending Partial Geometric Representations of Graphs
Professor Jan Kratochvil, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Directed Research Project10Programming in Second Order Classical Sequent Calculus
Philip Johnson-Freyd