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Public Talks

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All of these talks are open to the public, and will provide some insight into various research activities here and at other institutions.

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June 2014
Directed Research Project19Performance Optimizations of the Tensor Contraction Engine in NWChem
David Ozog
Oral Comprehensive Exam17Adversarial Structured Output Prediction
Ali Torkamani
Directed Research Project13Directive Based Profiling of OpenACC Codes
David Poliakoff
May 2014
Colloquium13Machine Teaching: Frenemy of Machine Learning
Jerry Zhu, University of Madison-Wisconsin
Colloquium08On the Hidden Nature of Complex Systems (Macro Trends, Architecture, Nets, Grids, Bugs, Brains, and the Meaning of Life)
David Meyer, Brocade Communications
April 2014
Colloquium24More Data, More Science and … Moore’s Law?
Distinguished Speaker Katherine Yellick, Lawrence Berkley National Lab, University of California at Berkeley
March 2014
Directed Research Project25Multi-Target Autotuning for Accelerators
Nicholas Chaimov
Directed Research Project21Linux Provenance Modules: Secure Provenance Collection for the Linux Kernel
Adam Bates
Directed Research Project20Reuse It or Lose It: More Efficient Secure Computation Through Reuse of Encrypted Values
Benjamin Mood
Directed Research Project20Lazy Functions as Processes
Luke Maurer
Directed Research Project19Securing ARP From the Bottom Up
Dave Tian
Colloquium19Secure Computation Using Garbled Circuits
Payman Mohassel, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Colloquium17Big Network Analytics: Online and Active Learning Approaches
Quanquan Gu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Colloquium11 Sublinear-time Algorithms for Massive Datasets
Eric Blais, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Colloquium10Design Techniques for Crowdsourcing Complex Tasks
Edith Law, Harvard
Colloquium06Two Research Projects in Collaboration: Trust in Global Software Engineering and Team Learning in Usability Inspections
David Redmiles, Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
Colloquium03Cross-layer Interactions in Cellular Networks
Feng Qian, AT&T Shannon Labs
February 2014
Colloquium25Language-enabled Integration of Distributed Complex Event Processing Systems and Sensor Networks
Joe Sventek, University of Glasglow, Scotland
Colloquium24Towards a New Computer Architecture: Athena and the Concept of Cognitive Computing
Michel Kinsy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Colloquium17Gaining Better Understand of Software through Visualizing the Memory Access Patterns of Executing Software
Paul Rosen, University of Utah
Oral Comprehensive Exam11Ontology-based Error Detection in Text
Fernando Gutierrez
January 2014
Oral Comprehensive Exam30Computational duality and the sequent calculus
Paul Downen, University of Oregon
Colloquium2315 Years of Large-Scale Scientific Visualization
Ken Moreland, Sandia National Laboratories
Colloquium23Photo Forensics
Hany Farid, Dartmouth
Colloquium16Descriptive Data and Productive Programming: Addressing Analysis Challenges at Extreme Scales
Jeremy Meredith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Colloquium09Customizing Middleware for Embedded and Pervasive Systems
Gurdip Singh, Kansas State University
December 2013
Directed Research Project18Quantitative Association Mining From Bottom Up and Heuristic Search Perspectives
Hao Wang
Oral Comprehensive Exam13Statistical Knowledge Translation and Integration
Shangpu Jiang, University of Oregon
November 2013
Dissertation Defense26On P2P Networks and P2P-Based Content Discovery on the Internet
Ghulam Memon, University of Oregon
Colloquium21Introduction to Faculty Research
Zena Ariola, University of Oregon
Reza Rejaie, University of Oregon
Colloquium14Scaling Secure Computation Using the Cloud
Payman Mohassel, University of Calgary
Colloquium07Introduction to Faculty Research
Michal Young, University of Oregon
Anthony Hornof, University of Oregon
Kevin Butler, University of Oregon
Colloquium01The Cirrus Cloud Project: Mobile cloud computing in challenged environments
Mostafa Ammar, Georgia Institute of Technology
October 2013
Colloquium24Introduction to Faculty Research
Jun Li, University of Oregon
Hank Childs, University of Oregon
Boyana Norris, University of Oregon
Colloquium22Internet Routing Scalability
Mingwei Xu, Tsinghua University (China)
Colloquium17Introduction to Faculty Research
Andrzej Proskurowski, University of Oregon
Dejing Dou, University of Oregon
Daniel Lowd, University of Oregon
Colloquium10A Sample Roadmap for Good Progress in the PhD Program
Graduate Education Committee, University of Oregon
September 2013
Oral Comprehensive Exam26Internet Topology Discovery
Reza Motamedi, University of Oregon
Directed Research Project20Auditory Display of Spatial Information: Analyzing Movement Strategies in Exploration of Thematic Maps
Megen Brittell