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Public Talks

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All of these talks are open to the public, and will provide some insight into various research activities here and at other institutions.

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December 2015
Oral Comprehensive Exam11Title: TBA
David Ozog
Oral Comprehensive Exam04On the State of the Inter-domain and Intra-domain Routing Security
Mingwei Zhang
Directed Research Project04Title: TBA
Ryan Bleile
Colloquium03Fault Tolerance for High Performance Computing: Is the Sky Falling?
Kathryn Mohror, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
November 2015
Dissertation Defense24A Hybrid Approach for Ontology-based Information Extraction
Fernando Gutiérrez Goméz, University of Oregon
Directed Research Project23Exploring Tradeoffs Between Power and Performance for a Scientific Visualization Algorithm
Stephanie Labasan
Colloquium19Revisit Die-stacking Architecture: Are we there yet?
Professor Yuan Xie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Colloquium12Faculty Research Topics
Associate Professor Hank Childs, Associate Professor Deijing Dou, and Associate Professor Boyana Norris, University of Oregon Computer and Information Science Department
Colloquium05Faculty Research Topics
Assistant Professor Xiaodi Wu and Professor Allen Malony, University of Oregon Computer and Information Science Department
Directed Research Project05External Facelist Calculation with Data Parallel Primitives
Brent Lessley
October 2015
Dissertation Defense30Knowledge Base Refinement and Knowledge Translation with Markov Logic Networks
Shangpu Jiang, University of Oregon
Colloquium29Showcase of Graduate Student Research
Mingwei Zhang, Lumin Shi, Nicole Marsaglia, Elizabeth Fuller, Devkishen Sisodia, University of Oregon
Colloquium22Showcase of Graduate Student Research
Soheil Jamshidi, Sabin Kafle, Samuel Li, Kanika Sood, Bahador Yeganeh, University of Oregon
Colloquium15Showcase of Graduate Student Research
Brent Lessley, Chad Wood , University of Oregon
Directed Research Project05Automated Selection of Numerical Solvers
Kanika Sood
September 2015
Oral Comprehensive Exam28Semantic Deep Learning
Hao Wang
Colloquium24Commercializing Innovation: Transferring Technologies from University to the Marketplace
Heather Stafford, Assistant Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Business Oregon
Directed Research Project11Characterizing Traffic Footprint of a Stub-AS
Bahador Yeganeh
Colloquium10Computer Science and Informatics Research at the University of Novi Sad
Branko Milosavljevic, University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
Directed Research Project09Avatar Idealization in Video Games
Hannah Pruse
Colloquium01Scale Diversity
Hedda Rahel Schmidtke, University of Oregon, Department of Geography