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Dissertation Defense Details

Ensuring A Valid Source And Destination For Internet Traffic

Author:Toby Ehrenkranz
Date:May 25, 2012
Location:220 Deschutes
Committee:Jun Li (Chair)
Reza Rejaie
Virginia Lo
Li-Shan Chou


The Internet has become an indispensable resource for today's society. It is at the center of the today's business, entertainment, and social world. However, the core of our identities on the Internet, the IP addresses that are used to send and receive data throughout the Internet, are insecure. Attackers today are able to send data purporting to be from nearly any location (IP spoofing), and to reroute data destined for victims to the attackers themselves (IP prefix hijacking). Victims of these attacks may experience denial of service, mis-placed blame, and theft of their traffic. These attacks are of the utmost importance since they affect the core layer of the Internet. Although the mechanisms of the attacks are different, they are essentially different sides of the same coin; spoofing attacks forge the identity of the sender, while hijacking attacks forge the identity of the receiver. They revolve around the same underlying lack of a secure identity on the Internet. This research reviews the existing state of the art IP spoofing and IP prefix hijacking research, and proposes new defenses to close the missing gaps and provide a new level of security to our identities on the Internet.