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Colloquium Details

The Disruptive Process of Innovation

Author:Ed Colligan
Date:November 15, 2012
Location:220 Deschutes
Host:Jun Li


I can talk about all the experiences I have had breaking the rules which lead to innovative breakthroughs.  Hopefully this can motivate people to think out of the box, and also know that they don't have to have everything solved or know it all before they strike out on an innovative quest.  This will hopefully lead into a Q & A where I can press the idea of the innovation flywheel that needs to be created to build a vibrant entrepreneurial community in Eugene.

This talk is given as part of the RIGE Innovation Seminar Series with Computer and Information Science.


Ed Colligan has been a driver of key trends and the creator of some of the most groundbreaking products and brands in personal computing history.  He was first involved with Radius, Inc. at the outset of the desktop publishing revolution.  After Radius, Colligan was the first vice president of marketing for Palm where he helped develop the original PalmPilot and the Palm brand.  Colligan left Palm to found Handspring where he and his partners created the forbearer of all future smartphones, the Handspring Treo.  Later, as the CEO of Palm, Colligan spearheaded the transformation that created the highly acclaimed WebOS platform and Palm Pre line of smartphones.

Colligan now spends his time investing in and mentoring entrepreneurs with the goal of helping to establish the next generation of breakthrough products and brands. He is a board member of Numenta, Inc., and is on the board of advisors for a number of start-up companies. Colligan earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon.