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Colloquium Details

Unsolvability & Undecidability in the Diophantine Realm

Author:Martin Davis Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley
Date:May 29, 2013
Location:220 Deschutes
Host:Eugene Luks and Chris Wilson


In the 10th problem in Hilbert's famous list of 1900, he asked for an algorithm to determine of a given polynomial equation with integer coefficients whether it had integer roots. Work by logicians has shown that no such algorithm exists. In this talk, the ideas leading to this negative solution will be explained, and various applications, extensions, and open problems will be discussed.


Professor Davis is renowned for his contributions to logic and computability including, as coinventor, the Davis-Putnam procedure and work on the unsolvability of Hilbert's Tenth Problem. Recipient of numerous scientific awards, he is a fellow of the American Mathematical Society and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, as well as a Guggenheim Fellow.