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CIS to Host Research Forum on NIH-funded Project SMASH (Semantic Mining of Activity, Social, and Health Data)

Dejing Dou

The SMASH research team led by CIS Professor Dejing Dou will host a forum on their project "Understanding the Mechanism of Social Network Influence in Health Outcomes through Multidimensional and Semantic Data Mining Approaches" on June 5 in the Deschutes Hall Colloquium Room.

The SMASH multi-disciplinary team, a unique collaboration between UO CIS, PeaceHealth, and other key academic partners (i.e., Kent State, UNC Charlotte, and George Washington), was recently awarded a 3-year $1.5M R01 grant from the NIH/NIGMS. Their research will address a critical need for formal ontologies, data mining, graph mining, and privacy preserving tools to help understand the influence of healthcare social networks on sustained weight loss, where the data are multi-dimensional, temporal, semantically heterogeneous, and very sensitive. For more information, please see

The June 5 morning session from 9 am to noon is open to the public. This session will include opening remarks from UO VP for Research Dr. Kimberly Espy and PeaceHealth CEO Ran Whitehead; and technical presentations on PeaceHealth's YesiWell program by Brigitte Piniewski MD and David Kil;the SMASH graph and influence model by Ruoming Jun, Yelong Shen (Kent State), Dejing Dou (UO) and Junfeng Sun (NIH); the impact of YesiWell social network on physical activity and weight loss by Rebecca Sacks (UO) and Jessica Greene (GWU); and on privacy preserving social network analysis by Xintao Wu (UNCC).

The afternoon sessions are by invitation only. During this session, the research team will map out the SMASH research agenda, with focused discussions on five topics: the influence model, ontologies and mappings, recommendation and intervention, privacy, and the web portal.

For more information, please visit the project website: