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Evaluating the Efficacy of Wavelet Compression for Turbulent-Flow Data Visualization
Shaomeng Li
Committee: Hank Childs (chair), Boyana Norris, Allen Malony
Directed Research Project(Dec 2015)
Keywords: Wavelet Compression, Efficacy Evaluation, Turbulent Flow Visualization

We explore the ramifications of using wavelet compression on turbulent-flow data from scientific simulations. As upcoming I/O constraints may significantly hamper the ability of scientific simulations to write full-resolution data to disk, we feel this study en- hances the understanding of exascale science with respect to potentially applying wavelets in situ. Our approach repeats existing analyses with wavelet-compressed data, using evaluations that are quantitatively based. The data sets we select are large, including one with a 4,0963 grid. Our findings show that the efficacy of wavelets vary across the analyses, and that prioritized coefficient compression is consistently superior to a multi-resolution approach, and that the biorthogonal kernels CDF 9/7 and CDF 8/4 perform better than the Haar kernel.