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Performance Analysis and Modeling of Parallel Applications in the Context of Architectural Rooflines
Nashid Shaila
Committee: Boyana Norris
Masters Thesis(Jun 2016)
Keywords: roofline, performance modeling, performance analysis, TAU, PAPI, Vtune, SDE

Understanding the performance of applications on modern multi- and manycore platforms is a difficult task and involves complex measurement, analysis, and modeling. The Roofline model is used to assess an application's performance on a given architecture. Not much work has been done with the Roofline model using real measurements. Because it can be a very useful tool for understanding application performance on a given architecture, in this thesis we demonstrate the use of architectural roofline data with measured data for analyzing the performance of different benchmarks. We first explain how to use different toolkits to measure the performance of a program. Next, these data are used to generate the roofline plots, based on which we can decide how can we make the application more efficient and remove bottlenecks. Our results show that this can be a powerful tool for analyzing performance of applications over different architectures and different code versions.