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Developing A Domain Specific Style Sheet Language For Building Haptic Soundscape Maps
Keith Albin
Committee: Michal Young
Bachelors Thesis(Dec 2007)
Keywords: Haptic soundscape maps, Sheet language

The purpose of the project described in this thesis is to design and implement extensions and improvements to the usability of the style sheet component of the Haptic Soundscape map system, part of the ongoing University of Oregon Haptic Soundscape Map project. The immediate goal of the overall project is to develop an electronic map for us by students with visual impairments. A longer-range goal is to develop a map building tool that can be used to study the user interface issues involved in the production of electronic maps for visually-impaired users. The style sheet component allows a non-programmer to configure a variety of map attributes, accelerating map development and rapid construction of the variations for experimental evolution.