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Evaluating Spatiotemporal Search Structures for Analysis from Lagrangian Basis Flows.
Ouermi Timbwaoga Aime Judicael
Committee: Hank Childs
Bachelors Thesis(Jun 2016)
Keywords: Lagrangian basis flows, Bounding Volume Hierarchy, K-d Tree.

While flow visualization has traditionally been performed from the Eulerian perspective, the Lagrangian approach is gaining momentum in the scientific community. This is because the Lagrangian approach offers more opportunities to mitigate I/O limitations than the traditional Eulerian approach. Particle trajectory tracing using the Lagrangian approach is performed by extracting Lagrangian basis flows, and using these flows to construct new trajectories from particle seed locations. Tracing the trajectory of a given particle requires finding its neighboring basis flows. Our work investigates different spatiotemporal search structures for the purpose of particle trajectory tracing from Lagrangian basis flows. We conducted our study by evaluating the storage size, the build time, and the search time of the different search structures over various configurations.