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Photorealistic Rendering Utilizing Close-Range Photogrammetry
Shawn Christopher Slater
Committee: Hank Childs
Bachelors Thesis(Jun 2016)
Keywords: Photogrammetry, Rendering, 3D, Modeling

The current process of asset creation in digital multimedia applications, such as movies and video games, requires tedious amounts of work. The average pipeline for creating one character model, for instance, takes an average of two weeks for the studio to implement, while still struggling to pass the uncanny valley for photorealistic rendering. Duplicating models from the real material world can speed up this process while also serving to preserve the intricate details that artists would otherwise overlook. Utilizing various applications, this paper details the use of photogrammetry as an option for the project pipeline of content creation in regards to photorealistic renderings for real-time applications. This paper will serve as a guide from planning to implementation of a human model into a real-time computer generated environment.