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31st International
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31st International Conference on Software Engineering, Vancouver, Canada, May 16-24, 2009.   Sign up for announcements!

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New Ideas and Emerging Results Videos

We video-taped many of the NIER presentations at the conference. We are experimenting with two means of delivering the video to you. The first is a Java application that will play a video with slides. The second is a flash application that will do the same. We have the Java app available now (see below). Sign up on our news list for information when the flash version is available.

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Use or extend our Java presentation player

We have built a simple presentation player on top of the Java Media Framework. The player allows you to watch video of a speaker while also watching slides. The player is available here:

If you are a Windows user, you can download the exe file directly and execute. If you are a Mac user, there appears to be little support for the Java Media Framework so you can see the slides but not the video.

We welcome the ICSE community to enhance what we have. Feel free to download the source and contribute your changes back to the site.