Welcome Back Everyone!

  • Last updated: 09/29/18

  • Our first meeting is Tuesday (10/02/2018). The first meeting of the term will be in Columbia 45 at 5pm. The time and location of future meetings will remain to be dated (TBD) until we poll the group during the first few meeitngs. This term's meeting format will be a bit different from previous terms. Beginning with the 2nd meeting, a typical meeting will be a short lecture followed by a hands on activity on the topic. Instead of longer lectures like in the past, we've decided to take a more hands on approach, so bring your laptops!

    Update Log

    Checkout the new site!

  • We've started to compile a great list of resources on the resources tab. It's a work in progress but hopefully you will find it useful!
    We've also put together a tentative lecture schedule, but we will make an announcment if it changes.