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Appendix: SIDL Description of Performance Interface

version performance 1.0;
package performance
  interface Timer 
  { /* Start/stop the Timer */ 
    void start(); 
    void stop();

    /* Set/get the Timer name */ 
    void setName(in string name);
    string getName();

    /* Set/get Timer type information 
       (e.g., signature of the routine) */ 
    void setType(in string name);
    string getType();

    /* Set/get the group name associated 
       with the Timer */
    void setGroupName(in string name);
    string getGroupName();

    /* Set/get the group id associated 
       with the Timer */ 
    void setGroupId(in long group);
    long getGroupId();

  /* Query interface to obtain timing 
   * information */ 
  interface Query
  { /* Get the list of Timer and Counter names */ 
    array<string> getTimerNames();
    array<string> getCounterNames();

    /* Returns inclusive/exclusive time, numcalls,
       childcalls and counter names for given 
       timers */
    void getTimerData(in array<string> timerList,
      out array<double, 2> counterExclusive,
      out array<double, 2> counterInclusive, 
      out array<int> numCalls, 
      out array<int> numChildCalls, 
      out array<string> counterNames,
      out int numCounters);

    /* Writes instantaneous profile to disk 
     * in a dump file. */
    void dumpProfileData();
    /* Writes the instantaneous profile to disk 
     * in a dump file whose name
     * contains the current timestamp. */
     void dumpProfileDataIncremental();
    /* Writes the list of timer names to a 
     * dump file on the disk */
     void dumpTimerNames();
    /* Writes the profile of the given set of 
     * timers to the disk. */
    void dumpTimerData(in array<string> timerList);
    /* Writes the profile of the given set of 
     * timers to the disk. The dump file name 
     * contains the current timestamp when 
     * the data was dumped. */
    void dumpTimerDataIncremental(
      in array<string> timerList);

  /* User defined event profiles for application 
   * specific events */ 
  interface Event
  { /* Set the name of the event */ 
    void setName(in string name);

    /* Trigger the event */ 
    void trigger(in double data);

  /* Interface for runtime instrumentation control 
   * based on groups */
  interface Control
  { /* Enable/disable group id */
    void enableGroupId(in long id);
    void disableGroupId(in long id);
    /* Enable/disable group name */
    void enableGroupName(in string name);
    void disableGroupName(in string name);
    /* Enable/disable all groups */
    void enableAllGroups();
    void disableAllGroups();

  /* Interface to create performance component 
   * instances */
  interface Measurement extends gov.cca.Port
  { /* Create a Timer */ 
    Timer createTimer(); 
    Timer createTimerWithName(in string name); 
    Timer createTimerWithNameType(in string name, 
      in string type); 
    Timer createTimerWithNameTypeGroup(in string 
      name, in string type, in string group);

    /* Create a Query interface */ 
    Query createQuery(); 

    /* Create a User Defined Event interface */ 
    Event createEvent(); 
    Event createEventWithName(in string name); 

    /* Create a Control interface for selectively 
     * enabling and disabling
     * the instrumentation based on groups */ 
    Control createControl(); 

  /* TAU */
  /* Implementation of performance component 
   * Timer interface*/
  class TauTimer implements-all Timer

  /* Implementation of performance component 
   * Event interface*/ 
  class TauEvent implements-all Event

  /* Implementation of performance component 
   * Query interface*/
  class TauQuery implements-all Query

  /* Implementation of performance component 
   * Control interface*/
  class TauControl implements-all Control

  /* Implementation of performance component 
   * Measurement interface*/
  class TauMeasurement implements-all Measurement, 


Sameer Suresh Shende 2003-01-20