6/30/05: Program Database Toolkit 3.4 Released

11/06/04: Program Database Toolkit 3.3 Released

6/3/04: Program Database Toolkit 3.2 Released

Version 3.2 includes -prefix option, and some bug fixes for C++ and Fortran 95.

11/14/03: Program Database Toolkit 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 incorporates the Cleanscape Flint Fortran 95 parser, statement level information for C++ and enhanced DUCTAPE interface.

3/18/03: Program Database Toolkit 2.2.1 Released

Version 2.2.1 incorporates better handling of F90 constructs such as kind parameters and integer*4 types. It also supports XML generation tool xmlgen.

11/06/01: Program Database Toolkit 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 incorporates several new features including:

The Program Database Toolkit (PDT) is a tool infrastructure that provides access to the high-level interface of source code for analysis tools and applications. Currently, the toolkit consists of the C/C++ and Fortran 77/90 IL (Intermediate Language) Analyzers, and DUCTAPE (C++ program Database Utilities and Conversion Tools APplication Environment) library and applications. The EDG C++ (or Mutek Fortran 90) Front End first parses a source file, and produces an intermediate language file. The appropriate IL Analyzer processes this IL file, and creates a "program database" (PDB) file consisting of the high-level interface of the original source. Use of the DUCTAPE library then makes the contents of the PDB file accessible to applications.

3/10/00: Program Database Toolkit 1.3 Released

PDT is currently being used by TAU and SILOON, projects also at ACL/LANL.

PDT 1.3 incorporates the source files for the DUCTAPE library and executables in the release. This eases portability to the platforms supported: HP PA-RISC 1.1, Intel i686, IBM SP-2, SGI R4400 IP22, SGI R10000 IP25, SUN sun4m, and SGI Cray T3E.

11/1/99: Program Database Toolkit 1.1 Released

PDT 1.1 fixes some minor bugs; it also includes wrappers for slist and slist.h. It is based on version 2.41.2 of the Edison Design Group Front End. The release includes the standard C++ library header files from Kuck & Associates, Inc., KCC 3.4c compiler.