The Program Database Toolkit (PDT)

Which applications use PDT?

The Program Database Toolkit is used in application development. DUCTAPE, a component of PDT, uses its own library to create applications. TAU and SILOON, other applications developed at LANL, use PDT to automatically generate code.


Four DUCTAPE (C++ program Database Utilities and Conversion Tools APplication Environment) applications have been developed:

TAU Performance Profiling

The TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) Instrumentor uses PDT to instrument C++ programs for TAU profiling and tracing instrumentation. It traverses the list of functions and templates, and inserts the TAU profile macros in the source. The programs are then recompiled and linked with the TAU library to generate profile data files during execution.


For SILOON (Scripting Interface Languages for Object-Oriented Numerics), PDT generates "glue" code. This automates access to C++ routines from programs written in scripting languages.