The current users of the Program Database Toolkit are:

TAU Performance Profiling

The TAU (Tuning and Analysis Utilities) Instrumentor uses PDT to instrument Fortran 95, C++ and C programs for TAU profiling and tracing instrumentation. It traverses the list of functions and templates, and inserts the TAU profile macros in the source. The programs are then recompiled and linked with the TAU library to generate profile data files during execution.


For SILOON (Scripting Interface Languages for Object-Oriented Numerics), PDT generates "glue" code. This automates access to C++ routines from programs written in scripting languages.


Chasm is a tool to improve C++ and Fortran 90 interoperability. Chasm parses Fortran 90 source code and automatically generates C++ bridging code that can be used in C++ programs to make calls to Fortran routines. It also automatically generates C structs that provide a bridge to Fortran derived types. Chasm supplies a C++ array descriptor class which provides an interface between C and F90 arrays. This allows arrays to be created in one language and then passed to and used by the other language.