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Spencer Butte

ParaDucks has a semi-irregular tradition of "hiking the butte" (as it is called). Just south of Eugene, Spencer Butte's summit can be reached by a short (albeit steep in places and occasionally muddy everywhere) trail. On the occasion of a ParaDucks member leaving the group, it has become something of a tradition to hike the butte very early in the morning and have breakfast to celebrate their time as a ParaDuck.

Strange things have been known to happen on the Butte. Take, for example, an early morning in July 1995 as we were seeing founding ParaDucks member Darryl Brown off to new opportunities in Colorado. ParaDucks DuckMaster Al Malony was unable to join us on our hike that morning, but somehow the powers of the butte made his presence known for a brief moment as the camera snapped the second time. See for yourself!

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More photos on and around the Butte

[ Image ] An early morning Butte mission... in the fog.

[ Image ] Harold Hersey's own Spencer Butte page.

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