Portable Runtime Systems (PORTS) Group Meeting, Jan 15, 1994

Dirk Grunwald, Moderator
Report by Bernd Mohr

This is the report of the second meeting of the PORTS group. The first meeting took place at a round table (literally) at Supercomputing 93. This meeting was hosted by Dirk Grunwald of the University of Colorado, Bolder. In attendance were Peter Beckman (Indiana University), Dirk Grunwald (University of Colorado), Carl Kesselman (Caltech), Dennis Gannon (Indiana University), Piyush Mehrotra (ICASE), Bernd Mohr (University of Oregon), Allen Sussman (University of Maryland), Steve Tuecke (Argonne), Suvas Vajracharya (University of Colorado).

Thu Aug 18 13:15:16 PDT 1994