[ ParaDucks ] Projects

ParaDucks is involved in several projects involving parallel computing, performance analysis, computational science, and visualization. Many members of ParaDucks are also active in projects and consortiums outside our research group.

ParaDucks Research Projects

DOE2000 Work We have projects related to the DOE2000 project.

ASCI-Related Work We have projects related to the Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative (ASCI), including work on a new version of DAQV

DAQV-II Distributed Array Query and Visualization: tools to provide user-level access to and visualization of distributed arrays in parallel programs

TAU Tuning and Analysis Utilities: a parallel program and performance analysis environment for parallel, high-performance C++ language systems

TIERRA Tomographic Imaging Environment for Ridge Research and Analysis: a high performance environment for seismic tomography

ViNE Virtual Notebook Environment: automated data manipulation and management through a web-based interface

PDT Program Database Toolkit: a tool infrastructure for static and dynamic analysis of object-oriented software

Ariadne an event-based parallel debugger

INTERLACE INTERoperation and Linking Architecture for Computational Engines: an HPC++ and Java based architecture for connecting computational tools


Related Projects, Consortiums, and Institutes

Computational Science Institute (CSI) an association of researchers from nine different departments formed to support computational science efforts at the University of Oregon

Northwest Alliance
for Computational Science
and Engineering (NACSE)
a coalition of Pacific Northwest institutions and individuals whose goal is to exploit World Wide Web technology so it's easier for scientists and engineers to learn about - and use - High Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

Los Alamos National
Laboratory (LANL)
ASCI-related projects are carried out in conjunction with LANL

HPC++ High Performance C++

pC++/Sage++ a portable parallel C++ and object-oriented compiler preprocessor toolkit

Parallel Tools (Ptools) Consortium a collaboration of researchers, developers, and users working to make parallel tools responsive to user needs

PORTS the Portable Runtime System Comsortium for Parallel Languages

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