HPC++ Examples

Global Pointer to a class example (Source Code)

This example illustrates how two process (master and slave) attach to each other, invoke remote functions, and share data throught hpc++ global pointers. The slave process starts up registers its data and waits for the master to release it with a kill message. The master process starts up, connects to the slave, askes for a global pointer to its data, retrieves the data from the slave process and tells the slave to die.

Tau Example (Source Code)

This is an example of pulling performance information from the tau profiling library off of a running process. The main process called simple is an example that comes with tau, with added instrumentation for HPC++. The master process conects to the simple process, gets a global pointer to the function database, then loops over the database asking for the function names, printing them out on the otherside.

This example illustrates a major problem with the existing HPC++ distribution. You cannot create a HPC++ Global Pointer to a template. However, there is a work around. To accomplish this in HPC++ you need to write a wrapper class for your templeted class.

Chad E Busche
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