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K. A. Lindlan, J. Cuny, A. D. Malony, S. Shende, B. Mohr, R. Rivenburgh, C. Rasmussen. "A Tool Framework for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Object-Oriented Software with Templates." Proceedings of SC2000: High Performance Networking and Computing Conference, Dallas, November 2000.

Keywords: Program Database Toolkit, PDT, static analysis, dynamic analysis, object-oriented, templates, IL Analyzer, DUCTAPE, TAU, SILOON

The developers of high-performance scientific applications often work in complex computing environments that place heavy demands on program analysis tools. The developers need tools that interoperate, are portable across machine architectures, and provide source-level feedback. In this paper, we describe a tool framework, the Program Database Toolkit (PDT), that supports the development of program analysis tools meeting these requirements. PDT uses compile-time information to create a complete database of high-level program information that is structured for well-defined and uniform access by tools and applications. PDT's current applications make heavy use of advanced features of C++, in particular, templates. We describe the toolkit, focussing on its most important contribution -- its handling of templates -- as well as its use in existing applications.


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