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TAU Tools

The following seven tools are currently distributed with the pC++/Sage++ distribution:
TAU (TAU Main Control Window)
It allows you to start the other tools, provides on-line, hyper-text help and some global functionality like loading another .dep file (the internal program tree form for pC++ programs).
COSY (COmpile manager Status displaY)
This tool provides a user-friendly and convenient way of compiling and executing pC++ programs. Through a graphical interface, the user can first select the parallel machine on which the given application is to be compiled and run. Parameters and options for the compilation process (e.g., compile for tracing) and for the program run (e.g., activated event classes for trace recording) can be chosen through pull-down menus. Cosy automatically connects, if necessary, to the remote machine, executes the appropriate commands, and displays the resulting output in a scrollable window.
FANCY (File ANd Class displaY)
lets you browse through the files and classes used in the source text of the application, and lets you display the source text of functions, methods, or classes.
CAGEY (CAll Graph Extended displaY)
lets you browse through the static callgraph of the application.
CLASSY (CLASS hierarchY browser)
displays the class hierarchy defined in the current user application.
RACY (Routine and data ACcess profile displaY)
is a parallel profile data viewer. After compiling an application for profiling and running it, racy lets you browse through the function and collection profile data generated.
SPEEDY (Speedup and Parallel Execution Extrapolation DisplaY)
is a graphical interface to the pC++ simulation environment XtraP. It allows performance analysis and extrapolation of pC++ programs based on execution traces.

We are currently working on the following tools:

BREEZY (BReakpoint Executive Environment for visualiZation and data displaY)
is for breakpoint-based program analysis. Breezy allows a user to control the execution of a pC++ program and to view the parallel program collection data during the execution, the essential functions of a parallel debugger. The execution is controlled by manipulating program breakpoints. At these breakpoints, the program data can be displayed in a text window or visualized by a compatible visualization tool.
CRAFTY (ContRol flow And FuncTion displaY)
is a control flow graph browser. The nodes of the graphs (conditionals and basic blocks) contain the list of functions and methods which are called from this block. This tool will also allow the graphical specification of instrumentation points for profiling and tracing.

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April 13, 1995