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TAU: A Portable Parallel Program Analysis Environment for pC++

Bernd Mohr, Darryl Brown, Allen Malony

Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403, USA
{mohr, darrylb, malony}


The realization of parallel language systems that offer high-level programming paradigms to reduce the complexity of application development, scalable runtime mechanisms to support variable size problem sets, and portable compiler platforms to provide access to multiple parallel architectures, places additional demands on the tools for program development and analysis. The need for integration of these tools into a comprehensive programming environment is even more pronounced and will require more sophisticated use of the language system technology (i.e., compiler and runtime system). Furthermore, the environment requirements of high-level support for the programmer, large-scale applications, and portable access to diverse machines also apply to the program analysis tools.

In this paper, we discuss (TAU, Tuning and Analysis Utilities), a first prototype for an integrated and portable program analysis environment for pC++, a parallel object-oriented language system. is integrated with the pC++ system in that it relies heavily on compiler and transformation tools (specifically, the Sage++ toolkit) for its implementation. This paper describes the design and functionality of and shows its application in practice.

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