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Program Database Toolkit

Techniques to insert code annotations range from manual instrumentation using the TAU API (available in C++, C, Fortran, Python and Java) to more automated modes of inserting these annotations. Using the Program Database Toolkit (PDT) [16], the tau_instrumentor tool can examine the source code locations and re-write the original source code with annotations for identifying regions of interest. PDT comprises of modified commercial-grade compiler front-ends that emit program information in the form of a program database (PDB) ASCII text files. These are subsequently parsed by the DUCTAPE library. Currently, PDT provides the EDG front-end for C++ and C and the GNU gfortran [25], Cleanscape Flint, and Mutek Solutions front-ends for Fortran. Using PDT, TAU supports automatic instrumentation of C++, C and Fortran programs using interval events. There are several ways to identify interval events and it is probably more recognizable to talk about interval events as static timers.

Scott Biersdorff 2006-05-05