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A. Nataraj, A.Malony, S. Shende, A. Morris, "Integrated Parallel Performance Views." Appears in Cluster Computing published by Springer Netherlands

Keywords: Parallel performance, Kernel, Linux, Instrumentation, Measurement, Integrated

The influences of the operating system and system-specific effects on application performance are increasingly important considerations in high performance computing. OS kernel measurement is key to understanding the performance influences and the interrelationship of system and user-level performance factors. The KTAU (Kernel TAU) methodology and Linux-based framework provides parallel kernel performance measurement from both a /kernel-wide/ and /process-centric/ perspective. The first characterizes overall aggregate kernel performance for the entire system. The second characterizes kernel performance when it runs in the context of a particular process. KTAU extends the TAU performance system with kernel-level monitoring, while leveraging TAU~Rs measurement and analysis capabilities. We explain the rational and motivations behind our approach, describe the KTAU design and implementation, and show working examples on multiple platforms demonstrating the versatility of KTAU in integrated system/application monitoring.


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