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Sergei Turovets, Vasily Volkov, Aleksei Zherdetsky, Alena Prakonina, Allen D. Malony: A 3D Finite-Difference BiCG Iterative Solver with the Fourier-Jacobi Preconditioner for the Anisotropic EIT/EEG Forward Problem. Comp. Math. Methods in Medicine 2014: 426902:1-426902:12 (2014)


The Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) and electroencephalography (EEG) forward problems in anisotropic inhomogeneous media like the human head belongs to the class of the three-dimensional boundary value problems for elliptic equations with mixed derivatives. We introduce and explore the performance of several new promising numerical techniques, which seem to be more suitable for solving these problems. e proposed numerical schemes combine the ctitious domain approach together with the nite-di erence method and the optimally preconditioned Conjugate Gradient- (CG-) type iterative method for treatment of the discrete model. e numerical scheme includes the standard operations of summation and multiplication of sparse matrices and vector, as well as FFT, making it easy to implement and eligible for the e ective parallel implementation. Some typical use cases for the EIT/EEG problems are considered demonstrating high e ciency of the proposed numerical technique.


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