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M.S. Mueller, B. Chapman, B.R.d. Supinski, A.D. Malony, M. Voss (Eds), "OpenMP Shared Memory Parallel Programming". Proceedings of the International Workshop, IWOMP 2005 and IWOMP 2006.

Keywords: MPI, cluster, computing, collaborative, compiler, optimization, computational, science, data, clustering, distributed, systems, embedded, systems, grid, computing, hierarchical, thread, scheduling, high, performance, computing, hybrid, parallelization, memory, bandwidth, modeling, multi-core, multi-threaded, computing, nested, parallelism, numerical, computation, openMP, parallel, programming, parallelization, performance, evaluation, performance, optimizations, program, analysis, scalability, shared, memory, simulation

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the First and the Second International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP 2005 and IWOMP 2006, held in Eugene, OR, USA, and in Reims, France, in June 2005 and 2006 respectively. The first part of the book presents 16 revised full papers carefully reviewed and selected from the IWOMP 2005 program and organized in topical sections on performance tools, compiler technology, run-time environment, applications, as well as the OpenMP language and its evaluation. In the second part there are 19 papers of IWOMP 2006, fully revised and grouped thematically in sections on advanced performance tuning aspects of code development applications, and proposed extensions to OpenMP.


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