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B. Mohr, A. D. Malony, R. Eigenmann, "On the Integration and Use of OpenMP Performance Tools in the SPEC OMP2001 Benchmarks," Presentation at the WOMPAT 2002 conference.

Keywords: TAU, OpenMP, Expert, Opari, SPEC OMP 2001, benchmarks

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) benchmark suite for OpenMP (named SPEC OMP2001) allows the performance evaluation of modern shared-memory multiprocessors executing programs made parallel using the OpenMP API. While the SPEC OMP2001 suite reports only total program execution for benchmarking purposes, detailed performance studies of the individual programs can reveal interesting runtime characteristics. Clearly, for programmers attempting to diagnose performance problems and make tuning decisions, such detailed performance information can be invaluable, especially when programming with a new parallel API such as OpenMP. Unfortunately, tools for performance measurement and analysis of parallel programs do not, in general, meet the same portability, configurability, and ease of use standards found in a robust benchmark suite such as SPEC OMP2001. As a result, more in-depth performance analysis is often isolated to those platforms where tools exists, or it is not done at all for lack of tool expertise. During the past year, we have proposed a performance tool interface (referred to as the POMP interface) for OpenMP. The goal of POMP is to define a clear and portable API that makes OpenMP execution events visible to runtime performance measurement tools. The POMP API is designed based on OpenMP directive semantics, allowing POMP instrumentation to be accomplished through source-to-source translation; we developed the Opari instrumentation tool for this purpose. In addition to the POMP interface specification, we have demonstrated its use with prototype POMP libraries for the Expert automatic event trace analyzer and the TAU performance analysis framework. This paper reports on the application of the POMP performance interface and toolset to the SPEC OMP2001 benchmark suite. The goals of the work are three-fold. First, we want to show how support for detailed performance instrumentation and measurement can be integrated in the SPEC OMP2001 benchmarking methodology, using an approach based on POMP's capabilities. Second, we want to then use the SPEC OMP2001 benchmarks as testcases for the POMP technology, the API and Opari instrumentation tool. This will allow us to further evaluate the robustness of the API and Opari's automatic transformation capabilities. Third, we want to demonstrate the value of integrated performance tools in conducting cross-platform performance studies. Here, our goal is be able to automatically capture detailed performance information across a variety of platforms listed in the SPE C OMP2001 results database.


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