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Steven T. Hackstadt and Allen D. Malony, Distributed Array Query and Visualization for High Performance Fortran, Proc. of Euro-Par '96, Lyon, France, August 1996, pp. 55-63. Also available as University of Oregon, Department of Computer and Information Science, Technical Report CIS-TR-96-02, February 1996.

Keywords: visualization, distributed data access, hpf, parallel tool, runtime program interaction, tool framework

This paper describes the design and implementation of the Distributed Array Query and Visualization (DAQV) system for High Performance Fortran, a project sponsored by the Parallel Tools Consortium. DAQV's implementation leverages the HPF language, compiler, and runtime system to address the general problem of providing high-level access to distributed data structures. DAQV supports a framework in which visualization and analysis clients connect to a distributed array server (i.e., the HPF application with DAQV control) for program-level access to array values. Implementing key components of DAQV in HPF itself has led to a robust and portable solution in which clients do not need to know how the data is distributed.


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