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Steven T. Hackstadt, Domain-Specific Metacomputing for Computational Science: Achieving Specificity Through Abstraction, University of Oregon, Department of Computer and Information Science, Oral Comprehensive Exam Position Paper, September 1997. Available as University of Oregon, Department of Computer and Information Science, Technical Report CIS-TR-97-08, November 1997.

Keywords: metacomputing, heterogeneous computing, domain-specific environments, DSE, software architecutre,domain-specific software architecture, DSSA, computational science

A new area called domain-specific metacomputing for computational science is defined. This area cuts across the larger areas of parallel and distributed computing, computational science, and software engineering in search of techniques and technology that will better allow the creation of useful tools for computational scientists. The paper focuses on how metacomputing, domain-specific environments, and software architectures can be employed as key technologies to this end.


Created: Wed Nov 5 08:25:50 1997

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