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Matthew J. Sottile, "The design of a general method for constructing coupled scientific simulations," M.S. Thesis, University of Oregon, 2001.

Keywords: model coupling, parallel computing, control flow graph, Petri Nets

With the growth of modern high-performance computing systems, scientists are able to simulate larger and more complex systems. The most straightforward way to do this is to couple existing computational models to create models of larger systems composed of smaller sub-systems. Unfortunately, no general method exists for automating the process of coupling computational models. We present the design of such a method here. Using existing compiler technology, we assume that control flow analysis can determine the control state of models based on their source code. Scientists can then annotate the control flow graph of a model to identify points at which the model can provide data to or accept data from other models. Couplings are established between two models by establishing bindings between these control flow graphs. Translation of the control flow graph into Petri Nets allows automatic generation of coupling code to implement the couplings.


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