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GenSet: Design Information Fusion

GenSet is a scriptable tool for combinations and simple transformations of graph-structured design information. We call it a "design information fusion" tool, by analogy to sensor fusion and other kinds of design fusion. It can also be viewed as a graph transformation tool, since it manipulates design information in the form of directed, attributed graphs (which may represent software architecture, directory structures, detailed program information, etc.).

Motivation: GenSet in DASADA

GenSet can be used as "pipe-fitting" between analysis and monitoring tools. It will aid in synthesizing logical models of software systems, including relations between architectural design descriptions and the "as built" structure of legacy systems.

GenSet is neither a reverse engineering tool per se, nor a tool for deep semantic analysis. It is a scriptable engine for transformations of information structured as directed, attributed graphs, including merging of related information from different sources. The "pipe-fitting" role of GenSet is to take information from available tools and perform simple structural transformations to produce architectural design representations that can be processed further by architectural analysis tools. The "fusion" role of GenSet is to apply transformations from multiple sources of information into a unified attributed graph structure, so that the architectural analysis can be applied to the "fused" representation.

[More Details: GXL, Filters, APIs]


GenSet is currently a relatively robust prototype. Although a standard, downloadable package with adequate documentation is still a couple months away, we will make the current prototype available to researchers and others who are willing to invest a bit of time in installing and learning to use GenSet. Contact t

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