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Summer School on Language-Based Techniques for Concurrent and Distributed Software


July 12-21, 2006
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon



Everyday life continues to depend on computers and system software, and lately more and more of that software is concurrent and distributed. The main aim of the school was to offer a spectrum of current research on concurrent and distributed programming from a programming language technology perspective, ranging from foundational materials on logic and type systems to advanced techniques for analysis of concurrent software to the application of these ideas to practical systems.

The material was presented at a tutorial level to help graduate students and researchers from academia or industry understand the critical issues and open problems confronting the field. We hope that students will be able to apply what they learn at the school in their own research.

The participants created a google group to continue sharing knowledge, promote collaboration between attendees, and serve as a bulletin board for information about social opportunities at future conferences. The group is open to attendees only.


  Contact: summerschool at cs.uoregon.edu  
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