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Jul7 10, 2007
Things to bring to the summer school:
  • A laptop if you have it, with an ethernet cable. The wireless access points allow only authenticated access, but each chair at the lecture hall has an ethernet jack, as does each desk in your room.
  • Personal grooming items aside from bar soap. The dorm does not supply hair dryers or (reliable) irons.
  • Good Shoes... We will do alot of walking!
  • Typically, I tell everyone to bring alergy medication, but my personal alergies have not been strong this year, so you can gamble on that if you like.
You do not need to bring sheets, towels or soap.
June 27, 2007
Anders Møller writes:
I would recommend the students to refresh their knowledge of regular and context-free languages, Java and ML(/some other functional language), and, if they are interested in XML/WWW programming, then buy our book (see http://www.brics.dk/ixwt/) :-)
April 18, 2007
For Foreign Participants:
It is never too early to work on obtaining travel papers to the US. Since the summerschool does not give academic credit, you will have to obtain a tourist visa to the US. When you go to the embassy for your interview, the main thing you will need to prove is that you are not a risk to emigrate to the United States. This may be difficult for a graduate student, since you don't have a high paying job. This is unofficial advice, but I would suggest taking letters from your family and academic advisors explaining why you would be unlikely to want to stay in the US. The decision is left up to the embassador to your country and there is no appeal, so be prepared. Talk to other students from your country who have attended conferences in the US.
April 9, 2007
For credit card transactions, you do not need to do any more than I have specifically told you. So, if I said that you must pay the registration fee, then you must pay the registration fee, but need not pay your room and board at this time. If I told you to go to the holds page, then you only need to do that, and do not need to charge anything at this time.
April 4, 2007
To travel to Eugene, you can either take a plane to Portland (pdx) and then take a train or bus to Eugene, or you can fly directly to Eugene (eug). Once you have your flight, let me know when you will be arriving at pdx or eug, and I will put you into a group of other students who are also arriving at that time. This will allow you to share a taxi, or just generally be less likely to get lost.
April 3, 2007
You can see a diagram of the rooms (Standard On-Campus Room) on the housing website. Each room has two beds. The shared room price is $490 per person for two people to occupy the room. The single room price is $620 for one person to occupy the room.
April 1, 2007
Registration deadline has been extended to April 30. If your registration was received before the April 1 deadline, you should receive notification by April 5. Registrations received after April 1 will be notified in May. If you do not receive notification in the timeframe indicated, please resend your application, just in case.
  Contact: summerschool at cs.uoregon.edu