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Summer School on Language-Based Techniques for Integrating with the External World


July 18-26, 2007
University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon


This Summer School will cover current research in language-based techniques for integrating with the external world, ranging from foundational materials on principles, logic and type systems, advanced techniques, and applications of these ideas in practice.

Material will be presented at a tutorial level that will help graduate students and researchers from academia or industry understand the critical issues and open problems confronting the field. The course is open to anyone interested. Prerequisites are an elementary knowledge of logic and mathematics that is usually covered in undergraduate classes on discrete mathematics. Some knowledge of programming languages at the level provided by an undergraduate survey course will also be expected. Our primary target group is PhD students. We also expect attendance by faculty members who would like to conduct research on this topic or introduce new courses at their universities.

  Contact: summerschool at cs.uoregon.edu