2.3. perfdmf_loadtrial

This utility uploads a trial to the database with a given name, under a specified experiment

Usage: perfdmf_loadtrial -e <experiment id> -n <name> 
                                     [options] <files>

Required Arguments:

  -e, --experimentid <number>    Specify associated experiment 
                                       ID for the trial
  -n, --name <text>              Specify the name of the trial

Optional Arguments:

  -f, --filetype <filetype>   Specify type of performance data, 
                               options are: profiles (default), pprof, 
                               dynaprof, mpip, gprof, psrun, hpm, 
                               packed, cube, hpc
  -t, --trialid <number>         Specify trial ID
  -i, --fixnames                 Use the fixnames option for gprof

  For the TAU profiles type, you can specify either a specific set of
  profile files on the commandline, or you can specify a directory 
  (by default the current directory).  The specified directory will 
  be searched for profile.*.*.* files, or, in the case of 
  multiple counters, directories named MULTI_* containing profile data.


  perfdmf_loadtrial -e 12 -n "Batch 001"
    This will load profile.* (or multiple counters directories MULTI_*) 
    into experiment 12 and give the trial the name "Batch 001"

  perfdmf_loadtrial -e 12 -n "HPM data 01" perfhpm*
    This will load perfhpm* files of type HPMToolkit into experiment 
    12 and give the trial the name "HPM data 01"