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2007 Graduate Research Poster Contest

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In fall 2007, the CIS department sponsored a graduate research poster contest. Graduate students were invited to submit posters describing their individual or group research conducted in the CIS department. A faculty committee selected the winners and awarded prizes.

The main prizes were awarded by a jury of three faculty judges. The people's choice award was decided by popular vote from the students and staff in the department. Judging Criteria included research content and poster design. All posters are on display in the department hallways. The winning groups are shown below.

Click the title to see a pdf of the poster.

Isolating Functional Degrees of Freedom in Limbs During Locomotion
Modeling human head electromagnetics on the Cell BE
  • Adnan Salman, Allen Malony, Sergei Turovets, Alan Morris, Don Tucker
Development of NeuroElectroMagnetic Ontologies (NEMO): A Framework for Mining Brainwave Ontologies
  • Jaiwei Rong, Dejing Dou, Gwen Frishkoff, Robert Frank, Allen Malony, Don Tucker
Automated Performance Data Mining with Knowledge Support in PerfExplorer2
Bringing End-to-End Cryptography to Web Mashups
  • Paul Knickerbocker
A Preliminary Scheme for Combating Phishing with Zero Knowledge Authentication
  • Paul Knickerbocker
Generating Realistic Internet Topologies Using Internet Topology Measurements
  • Peter Boothe
ID3: An Incrementally Deployable Incoming Direction Identification Protocol
  • Toby Ehrenkranz
The Finger Dance Project
  • Aaron Parecki, Daniel Miller

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