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Public Talks

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All of these talks are open to the public, and will provide some insight into various research activities here and at other institutions.

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June 2017
Directed Research Project07Improved Blind Seer System With Constant Communication Rounds
Zhangxiang Hu, University of Oregon
Dissertation Defense02Systemwide Power Management Targeting Early Hardware Over-provisioned High Performance Computers
Daniel Ellsworth, University of Oregon
Dissertation Defense02Insightful Performance Analysis of Many-Task Runtimes through Tool-Runtime Integration
Nicholas Chaimov, University of Oregon
Area Exam01Graph Representation Learning and Graph Classification
Sara Riazi, University of Oregon
May 2017
 31Tensions Between Scientific Programming and the Scientific Method
David Widder, University of Oregon
Dissertation Defense31Sequent Calculus: A Logic and a Language for Computation and Duality
Paul Downen, University of Oregon
Area Exam25Neural Question Answering: The Role of Knowledge Bases
Sabin Kafle, University of Oregon
Colloquium18Robust and Efficient Online Decisions for Managing Uncertainty in Future Smart Grid
Xiaojun Lin, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
Colloquium04Towards a Smarter Cloud with Data
Hongqiang "Harry" Liu, Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
April 2017
Colloquium27Graduate Research Colloquium: A Two-Mode Security Framework for the Smart Home
Devkishen Sisodia, University of Oregon
Colloquium27Graduate Research Colloquium: Optimizing Real-Time Video Analysis for the Internet of Things
Brian Gravelle, University of Oregon
Colloquium25Making Virtual Reality Visualization Real
Bernd Hentschel, RWTH Aachen University
Colloquium21Faculty Search Colloquium: Improving Internet Robustness
Ramakrishnan Durairajan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Colloquium20Oregon Cyber Security Day
Ulf Lindqvist, Program Director, SRI International
Kevin Haley, Director, Symantec Security Response
Songwu Lu, Professor, UCLA
Chenxi Wang, Co-founder, Jane Bond Project
Jeff Towle, Global Security Architect Manager, Intel
Colloquium13NLP as a key to health care transformation
Wendy Chapman, University of Utah, Chair, Department of Biomedical Informatics
March 2017
Colloquium20Faculty Search Colloquium: Neural Information Extraction with Memory
Thien Huu Nguyen, New York University
Colloquium16Faculty Search Colloquium: Using Data Science for Cybersecurity: Revealing and Detecting Strategic Manipulation
Kyumin Lee, Utah State University
Colloquium14Faculty Search Colloquium: Protecting Computing System Interactions
Yeongjin Jang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dissertation Defense07Learning Tractable Graphical Models
Pedram Rooshenas, University of Oregon
Colloquium07Faculty Search Colloquium: Understanding the human genome through unsupervised machine learning
Maxwell Libbrecht, University of Washington
Colloquium06Securing Multi-Tenant Data Centers Against Power Attacks
Shaolei Ren, University of California, Riverside
Colloquium02Faculty Search Colloquium: Data-Driven Behavioral Analytics with Networks
Meng Jiang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Area Exam01In Situ Visualization Techniques for High Performance Computing
James Kress, University of Oregon
February 2017
Directed Research Project28An In Situ Approach for Explorative Visualization using Temporal Intervals
Nicole Marsaglia
Colloquium28Faculty Search Colloquium: Pushing the Limits of Mobile Networked Systems
Yuanjie Li, UCLA
Colloquium21Faculty Search Colloquium: Scalability in the Presence of Variability
Brian Kocoloski, University of Pittsburgh
Colloquium14Faculty Search Colloquium: Behavior-Driven Optimizations for Big Data Exploration
Leilani Battle, MIT
Colloquium07Scaling Up to Large (Really Large) Systems
Barton P. Miller, University of Wisconsin
Colloquium06Can We Make Real World Software More Secure?
Elisa Heymann, University of Wisconsin and Autonomous University of Barcelona
January 2017
Area Exam11Data Reduction Techniques for Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis
Samuel Li, University of Oregon
December 2016
Area Exam12The State of Monte Carlo Neutron Transport: The Role of GPUs and Portable Performance Abstractions
Ryan Bleile, University of Oregon
Directed Research Project09Ontology-Based Information Extraction on PubMed abstracts using the OMIT ontology to discover inconsistencies
Nisansa deSilva
Area Exam09Solver Schemes for Linear Systems
Kanika Sood, University of Oregon
Dissertation Defense09High Performance Computational Chemistry: Bridging Quantum Mechanics,
Molecular Dynamics and Coarse-Grained Models

David Ozog, University of Oregon
Directed Research Project08IP Packet Traceback at Autonomous System Level
Lumin Shi
Directed Research Project05Static Program Analysis for Performance Modeling
Kewen Meng
Colloquium01Where the Wild Things Are (an Internet Safari)
Chris Larsen, Symantec
Colloquium01PhD Research Colloquium
PhD Students, Computer and Information Science Department, University of Oregon
November 2016
Dissertation Defense21Performance Modeling of In Situ Rendering
Matthew Larsen, University of Oregon
Colloquium17Similarity Learning in the Era of Big Data
Shiyu Chang, IBM
Colloquium17Quantum Computing and the Limits of the Efficiently Computable
Scott Aaronson, University of Texas at Austin
Colloquium10Efficient Human-in-the-loop Statistical Relational Learning
Professor Sriraam Natarajan, Indiana University
Colloquium03Directed Research Project Presentations
CIS Ph.D. students, University of Oregon
October 2016
Area Exam28Structured output prediction with posterior constraints in NLP
Javid Ebrahimi, University of Oregon
Colloquium20Robust and Efficient Classification for Videos captured in the Wild
Behrooz Mahasseni, Oregon State University
Area Exam17Energy-Efficient and Power-Constrained Techniques for Exascale Computing
Stephanie Labasan, University of Oregon
Colloquium13Faculty Research Topics
Hank Childs, Daniel Lowd, Lei Jiao, University of Oregon
Colloquium04PrivCount: A Distributed System for Safely Measuring Tor
Rob Jansen, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
Colloquium04Graduate Research Forum-Conversation
CIS Graduate Students
September 2016
Colloquium29Integrative Network Analytics for Insights Generation from Massive Healthcare Data
Fei Wang, Assistant Professor, Cornell University
Colloquium20On the Past, Present, and Future of “Big (Internet) Data”
Walter Willinger, NIKSUN, Inc., Princeton, NJ
Dissertation Defense20Measurement-Based Characterization of Large-Scale Networked Systems
Reza Motamedi, University of Oregon