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Solver Schemes for Linear Systems
Kanika Sood
Committee: Boyana Norris (chair), Dejing Dou, Hank Childs
Area Exam(Dec 2016)
Keywords: linear systems, solvers, sparse systems

Linear systems are a form of representation for problems in a variety of domains, including but not limited to statistics, thermodynamics, electric circuits, quantum mechanics, nuclear power industry, petroleum industry, robotics, computational fluid dynamics, numerical optimization and PDE-based simulations. Given that linear systems are widespread across different areas of research; providing solutions for them play a critical role for researchers and scientists in these fields. Providing solutions for large sparse linear systems has been a necessity in many fields for quite some time. This has resulted in multiple approaches to provide solutions for the linear systems. This presentation surveys various solver schemes for large sparse linear systems and provides an analysis of the scope and application of these techniques.