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A Spectrum of Types

June 26-July 8, 2017


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Check "yes" if you have a PhD in Computer Science, Informatics or Mathematics.

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  • If you are currently enrolled in a graduate program, your advisor should send a recommendation showing you are making satisfactory progress through your program.
  • If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, any of your Computer Science professors can recommend you.
  • If you are not currently enrolled in an academic program, your recommendation should come from a supervisor or mathematics/computer science professor. Address inquires about this requirement to

Please check the field that represents what you are likely to be doing in the Fall of 2017. If needed, you can explain further in the Additional Remarks field below. If you checked that you will be a student, but you will not be pursuing a degree in Computer Science, please give your degree subject in the Additional Remarks field below.

Please give the name of the institution at which you are pursuing an academic program, or the name of your employer. If applicable, please also list the academic department within your institution, and the country where you are located. If you do not wish your institution to appear on your nametag or other paperwork, please indicate that in the Additional Remarks field below. Country information will not be considered in decisions about acceptance.

In the space above, please explain your background in Programming Languages, Lambda Calculus, Type Theory, and Category Theory.

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