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July 9-21, 2018; Review July 3-7, 2018

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Address for Visa Documents

When you get here, the building you will be staying in is:

1595 E. 15th Avenue
Eugene OR  97403

However, do not send mail to that address. Mail addressed to university buildings (as opposed to departments) is returned as undeliverable. Do not have things dropped off at the dorm by other couriers because there is nobody there but us, and we will not be there during the day. There is no phone number at the dorm.

The contact information for visa applications is

Zena Ariola
University of Oregon
Department of Computer and Information Science
1477 E. 13th Avenue
Eugene OR  97403

Address for Mail Delivered by the USPS

US Mail must be delivered to a specific person at a specific department. So, if you must have mail sent to you while you are here, you will have to address it to me:

c/o Jim Allen
Dept of Computer and Info Science
1202 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1202

Address for packages not delivered by USPS

If you are sending things, such as lost luggage, through a courier service, then you should give them the street addresss for Deschutes Hall

Unfortunately, all of my advice on coming to the United States is based on information from the previous US administation. I cannot offer advice on how to get to the US currently, but the following are the guidelines I have offered successfully in the past.

It is never too early to work on obtaining travel papers to the US.

For non-citizens of the US, you will need the following:
  • Travel papers to leave your country

    Most governments do not care if you leave their country, but the government of your country of residence may require paperwork to release you. To enter the US, your country of citizenship must issue you a passport, which may also be necessary to leave your country. When you leave, make sure you have any papers necessary to return to your country of residence.

  • Travel papers to enter the United States

    Most governments do care if you enter their country, and the US Government is no exception. To enter the US, you need:

    • A Passport from your country of citizenship
    • Electronic pre-approval to enter the US and/or
      a business visa

      Many countries are in the US Visa Waiver Program. Citizens of those countries do not need a visa to enter the US for business purposes. If you need a visa, please read and follow these instructions carefully.

      OPLSS is a Conference, not a Course of Study

      You are coming here on business to attend a scientific conference. OPLSS does not grant academic credit. Although OPLSS takes place on a university campus, it is not a course of study. You need to be clear that you are looking for a B1 business visa. Do not under any circumstances say or agree that you need a student visa. Once you say that you want a student visa or that you want to "study in the US", you will never be allowed to come to the US until you have been accepted into a US degree-granting program.

      It is illegal for us to issue you an I-20 or any other SEVIS document, because you will receive no academic credit from the University of Oregon. These are only required for a student visa. If you are asked for these documents, be very clear that you want a B-1 visa. You will not be able to attend OPLSS on a student visa. If some other institution gave you a SEVIS document, and you will be using it to enter the US to attend OPLSS before or after beginning your studies with them, please ask them about your visa limitations. If necessary, direct them to this page for clarification.

      Be Prepared for your Visa Interview

      Depending on your point of origin, the main thing the embassy will want to know in your interview is that you are not a "risk to emmigrate" to the US. The State Department says you will need to show

      1. The purpose of your trip — The US suggests that you not bring a Letter of Invitation with you; however, since I cannot convince anyone that it is useless, I will send you one; although it will be useless.
      2. Your intent to depart the United States after your trip — It is definitely required that you bring to your interview correspondence from your family members (not residing in the US) indicating that they expect you to return, and documents from your institution indicating that they expect you to return. Failure to prepare for this point may mean failure to obtain a visa. It is not a good idea to have anything sent directly to the embassy, since it is usually discarded unless you bring it with you to your interview.

        What is not helpful is any demonstration of a link, familial or otherwise, to a person residing in the US. Evidence of ties to US residents are generally taken as counter to this requirement. (i.e. If you are attached to people in the US, you might want to remain in the US.)

      3. Your ability to pay all costs of the trip — You must show how you are going to pay for travel and housing. You should have paperwork from whatever institution is paying. If you are paying for yourself, you should have financial statements showing you have funds.

      The decision to grant a visa is left up to the US ambassador to your country and there is no appeal, so be prepared. Talk to others from your country who have attended conferences in the US. Different Ambassadors require different levels of evidence. The University of Oregon has no influence with the US State Department.

If you are concerned about zika, flu or other things you may pick up in Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority has a page for communicable diseases. As of today, you will find on that page that all the cases of Zika were either contracted abroad, or from a sexual partner who contracted it abroad. There are no known cases of Zika being spread by Oregon mosquitoes.
If you are staying in the OPLSS housing and you have concerns about kosher or halal, please let me know and we can discuss accomodations. As an official of the State of Oregon, I cannot legally cooperate with US federal officials if they try to set up a religious registry, so any information you give me about your religion will not be shared with federal officials.
Here, I will be posting updates on registration deadlines, when you should expect to be notified, how to get here, and what to bring, etc.

If you apply (with a recommendation) before April 14, you should hear back from us by April 24. If not, please send me an email asking what happened to your application.

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