Installing GHC

If you don't have GHC installed on your laptop (more recent versions than 8.0.2 should be fine as well), please install the following software:


If you are on macOS High Sierra (10.13) or Sierra (10.12), you can download Haskell for Mac and activate the 14 day trial. Haskell for Mac is an IDE that makes it easy to get started with Haskell. You will receive a full license key before the lecture. To install the command line tools, please follow these instructions.

If you are on a version of macOS older than 10.12, please install the Haskell Platform (8.0.2) package. This provides you with a command line compiler.


Please install the Haskell Platform (8.0.2). (There is also a 32bit version.)


Please download the Haskell Platform (8.0.2). (There is also a 32bit version.)

Install by running:

$ tar xf ...downloaded archive...

$ sudo ./

If you have a system with position independent executables by default (such as Ubuntu 16.10 and above), you should edit the GHC settings file at


and change the compiler supports -no-pie flag from "NO" to "YES". (This is relative to your installation location.)

Alternatively, you can use your distribution's package manger to install version 8.0.2 of the `haskell-platform` package.

Editor support (optional)

Here are some optional suggestions for improved Haskell support in a variety of editors.

Haskell for Mac:





Installing Accelerate

If you are not using Haskell for Mac, please follow these instructions.

If you are using Haskell for Mac, clone the install script form github and run the script:

  $ git clone

  $ builder/scripts/ install accelerate-1.1