University of Oregon University of Oregon
2019 OPLSS Participants

June 17-29, 2019

Foundations of Probabilistic Programming and Security

The Oregon Programming Languages Summer School is devoted to teaching the principles of programming languages to students and professionals. Although the topics vary from year to year, the unifying theme is the importance of fundamental theory to the design and implementation of programming languages, the development of program verification tools, and the application of advanced programming languages to practice. The summer school attracts participants from around the world, and is often able to subsidize the participation of qualified attendees with limited resources. More than a thousand participants have attended OPLSS since its inception in 2002. The summer school is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, and by generous grants from numerous companies over the years.

The program takes place over two weeks, with ample time for group and private study, and to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities around Eugene.

In 2018, there was an one-week course on the basics of programming language theory to students with little or no prior experience co-taught by Paul Downen of the University of Oregon and Jan Hoffmann of Carnegie Mellon University. Those videos are available on-line and available on youtube.

The OPLSS logo was designed by Alisa Kwok to whom we are grateful for her skillful work.