6.2. Q. What loops account for the most time? How much?

A. Create a flat profile with wallclock time with loop instrumentation.

Figure 6.2. Flat Profile with Loops

Flat Profile with Loops

Here is how to instrument loops in an application

% setenv TAU_MAKEFILE /opt/apps/tau/tau2/x86_64/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt
% setenv TAU_OPTIONS ‘-optTauSelectFile=select.tau –optVerbose’
% cat select.tau
  loops routine=“#”

% set path=(/opt/apps/tau/tau2/x86_64/bin $path)
% make F90=tau_f90.sh
(Or edit Makefile and change F90=tau_f90.sh)
% qsub  run.job
% paraprof -–pack app.ppk
	Move the app.ppk file to your desktop. 

% paraprof app.ppk