6.7. Q. How does my application scale?

A. Examine profiles in PerfExplorer.

Figure 6.6. Scalability chart

Scalability chart

How to examine a series of profiles in PerfExplorer

% setenv TAU_MAKEFILE /opt/apps/tau/tau2/x86_64/lib/Makefile.tau-mpi-pdt
% set path=(/opt/apps/tau/tau2/x86_64/bin $path)
% make F90=tau_f90.sh
(Or edit Makefile and change F90=tau_f90.sh)
% qsub  run1p.job
% paraprof -–pack 1p.ppk
% qsub run2p.job 
% paraprof -–pack 2p.ppk ...and so on.
On your client:
% taudb_configure --create-default
(taudb_configure run without any arguments will prompt for advanced options)
% perfexplorer_configure
(Yes to load schema, defaults)
% paraprof 
(load each trial: Right click on trial ->Upload trial to DB
% perfexplorer 
(Charts -> Speedup)