Chapter 19. Running PerfExplorer

To run PerfExplorer type:


When PerfExplorer loads you will see on the left window all the experiments that where loaded into PerfDMF. You can select which performance data you are interested by navigating the tree structure. PerfExplorer will allow you to run analysis operations on these experiments. Also the cluster analysis results are visible on the right side of the window. Various types of comparative analysis are available from the drop down menu selected.

To run an analysis operation, first select the metric of interest form the experiments on the left. Then perform the operation by selecting it from the Analysis menu. If you would like you can set the clustering method, dimension reduction, normalization method and the number of clusters from the same menu.

The options under the Charts menu provide analysis over one or more applications, experiments, views or trials. To view these charts first choose a metric of interest by selecting a trial form the tree on the left. Then optionally choose the Set Metric of Interest or Set Event of Interest form the Charts menu (if you don't, and you need to, you will be prompted). Now you can view a chart by selecting it from the Charts menu.