2.7. Profiling with PerfLib

This profiling option is currently under development at LANL.

To configure TAU with PerfLib use the following arguments:

%> configure -perflib=[path_to_perflib lib directory]
             -perfinc=[path_to_perflib inc directory]
             -perflibrary=[argument send to the linker if different than default]

After tau is build a new Makefile will be generated with *-perflib-* in its name, use this Makefile when profiling applications with perflib.

After configuration and installation, toggle these three environment variables before running the application:

%> export PERF_PROFILE=1
%> export PERF_PROFILE_MPI=1
%> export PERF_DATA_DIRECTORY=<directory>

We also provide a perf2tau conversion utilities to convert the remaining perflib profiles to regular tau profiles. To use perf2tau set the environment variable perf_data_directory to the type of the profiling to be converted (the directory where the data is store will be called something like perf_data.[type]/). Or you may execute perf2tau with the type as an argument:

%> perf2tau [type]

See also the man page for perf2tau, perf2tau.