2.9. pprof

pprof sorts and displays profile data generated by TAU. To view the profile, merely execute pprof in the directory where profile files are located (or set the PROFILEDIR environment variable).

% pprof

Its usage is explained below:

usage: pprof [-c|-b|-m|-t|-e|-i] [-r] [-s] [-n num] [-f filename] \
       [-l] [node numbers]
  -c : Sort by number of Calls
  -b : Sort by number of suBroutines called by a function
  -m : Sort by Milliseconds (exclusive time total)
  -t : Sort by Total milliseconds (inclusive time total) (DEFAULT)
  -e : Sort by Exclusive time per call (msec/call)
  -i : Sort by Inclusive time per call (total msec/call)
  -v : Sort by standard deViation (excl usec)
  -r : Reverse sorting order
  -s : print only Summary profile information
  -n num : print only first num functions
  -f filename : specify full path and Filename without node ids
  -p : suPpress conversion to hh:mm:ss:mmm format
  -l : List all functions and exit
  -d : Dump output format (for Racy) [node numbers] : prints only info about
	all contexts/threads of given node numbers
 node numbers : prints information about all contexts/threads
 for specified nodes