2.13. Using UPC with TAU

Please see examples/upc for more details.

To instrument Berkeley UPC with GASP, configure TAU with -upcnetwork=<option> /where option is "mpi" or "udp". Then use a selective instrumentation file like the one shown below.

forall routine="#"
loops routine="#"
barrier routine="#"
fence routine="#"
notify routine="#"

Then tau_upc.sh can be used to build the application. If "udp" is used with -upcnetwork, then upcrun can be used to run the application. For "mpi", mpirun or a similar mechanism can be used.

To instrument UPC with Cray CCE compilers, the following will produce a configuration that supports Cray UPC and may be used with tau_upc.sh

module load PrgEnv-cray
./configure -arch=craycnl -pdt=<dir> -pdt_c++=g++

TAU can also build the DMAPP wrapper using Cray CCE compilers. When the -optDMAPP option is used when building the application with TAU using TAU_OPTIONS, DMAPP events are automatically instrumented with tau_upc.sh.